A Thank You Note to My Ladies

Blog August 17, 2012

To all the boys I love and have loved before.  Thank you.  Thank you for the memories, the fun, the love.  Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with me.

But this one’s for the girls.

My team.

Stacy Francis, for structuring your financial advising business to be fee-only so we don’t have to feel like we’re constantly being sold to when it comes to where to put our savings.

And for creating Savvy Ladies – one of the most generous organizations empowering women through financial education.  All for free.

And for being such a role model when it comes to client service and how to run a business with love and integrity.

To Amy Holzman, who took the overwhelm out of estate planning and living wills so we could put our minds at ease and focus on living in the present.

Jennifer Lee, our accountant.  It was a long road getting to you, and I’m so thankful the search is over.

Veridiana Montas, Onica Parks, Carolyn Wallace, Selena Josephs, Brynne Kraynak, Bridget Ori, Jessica Chazen, and Priscilla Harris – over the last 4 years, loving my little man with all you had, genuinely making him feel like you were his friend, rather than a caretaker, and allowing me to get out of the house and pursue my passion with a calm and full heart that only comes from the confidence that my little man is safe and in loving hands.

And more, being a friend to me in the process.

My coach and mentor, Lois Barth, for showing up at just the right time, in just the right moment, to help me reignite my spark and allow myself the freedom to soar.  For believing in me, and reminding me of what is possible.

My mother-in-law, Joyce, for raising a son who knows how to love, fully and completely.

And my stepmom, Brenda, for loving me like a mother without ever trying to be my mother.

To Gabrielle Bernstein, for spreading your Spirit Junkie love to the world, and showing up in my inbox every week to remind me that only love is real.  For holding that space at Kripalu last summer when I most needed to focus on healing.

To Kris Carr, for your Crazy Sexy voice.  I was so fortunate to have found you so quickly after my melanoma diagnosis, and I’ve been hooked on you ever since.

Marie Forleo, my business coach.  For creating such an amazing program in B-School, where I learned gobs and gobs more than I could even imagine, and which introduced me to the richest community of totally bad-ass truth-seeking, love-sharing rock star women.  And of course for showing up each week doing your thing and giving giving giving.  I keep learning learning learning.  You’re a true role model, Ms. Forleo.

My dear friends.  Yes, YOU.

You’re always there for me.  You listen without judgment.  Your cheer me up, but you let me cry.  You lead with an open heart, and you love me for my strengths, rather than try to fix my weaknesses.  You are smart, fun, sassy, and true – I would not be me without you.

And Mom.

You told me the sky was the limit.  That there was nothing I couldn’t accomplish if I set my mind to it.  You told me throughout my childhood that I’m prettier than you, smarter than you, and could accomplish more than you – just to be sure that I wouldn’t be afraid to surpass you.  As if surpassing you was even possible.  You’ve shown me in every way that you love me unconditionally; I’m so proud to be like you in any way.

Damn, am I one lucky lady.

Ahhh.  Gratitude is so under-rated.  At the end of a crappy week fighting off a Summer cold (yeah, what’s that all about?), it’s amazing how much better I feel sending some thanks out into the world.

Have a great weekend, lovely!  And thank YOU for being in my life.



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