How to Manage Your Boss’s Perception When You Work from Home (VIDEO)

Blog Business Tips December 11, 2012

If you work from home, you have probably encountered the doubters.  You know what I’m talking about.  People who assume that “working from home” means you’re spending the day hanging out with your kids and doing household chores while squeezing in the occasional work-related email or phone call.

You’re probably used to just shrugging it off.

But when one of those doubters is your boss, it can be a real challenge.

In this week’s episode of Happy Mama TV, I share with you my 3 tools for handling a boss who has a mis-perception that you’re not carrying your weight.

Check out the video, and please share your own strategies in the Comments below.




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  • Ann says:

    Great post, Stacy! I have faced this a couple of times in my work-from-home career and like you said, often it’s as simple as open lines of communication. I’ve come to learn that I should never assume that people understand what a work-from-home arrangement looks like. Some people actually think that while I’m working from home, I’m also watching my kids. (Anyone who has kids knows this is simply not possible!) So when I’m starting work with a new client or team member and the topic of how/where I work comes up, I’m always clear to explain that I work from home while my kids are at school or with their sitter. I keep it light and non-defensive, but happily explain that my kids are so used to this arrangement that they often don’t remember that I’m even at home during my working hours (which is true!). Open communication is key!

    • Stacy says:

      So great to address it up front, Ann. And you make a very good point – many people don’t realize that working from home doesn’t mean you’re home taking care of your kids. That is a set up for not only the work suffering, but the kids suffering as well!

  • Great video! When I was working in the legal field I had this experience with my boss once I had my son. Great advice you have provided here!

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