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Blog Business Tips August 24, 2014

We go into business for a reason.

We are passionate about helping people solve a specific problem – committed to making their lives easier, or richer, or more fulfilling in some way.

When we start out, we are driven by a mission to truly make a difference – while earning an income – in a way that is authentic and rewarding.

And then, in so many cases, something happens.

While we’re so busy hustling to sell our wares, get new clients, network, manage our social media channels, keep up the blog, create events, and more – so often our mission – the reason we got into business in the first place – becomes a distant thought.  A blurry, hazy, now idealistic sounding mush of words that on their own don’t make any money.

Or so we thought.

This week, I had the privilege of bringing in Alexandra Figueredo, founder of the Mission Based Branding Institute, to speak to our Femfessionals community at our Signature Connection Luncheon.

Stacy & Alexandra

Stacy Boegem with Alexandra Figueredo of the Mission-Based Branding Institute

Alexandra shared her 5 keys to turning your mission into an irresistible brand, and these little nuggets were so good, I had to share them with you.

1.  Create a passionate message.

Alexandra used charity: water as an example of a non-profit organization putting its mission front and center, by literally making it the name of the corporation.  Since the name charity: water tells the public/audience/reader/consumer/partner/WORLD immediately what the organization is about, the passion behind the mission is clear.

2.  Authentically share your story.

As Alexandra said, “Facts tell; stories sell.”  She says to remember that authenticity trumps likeability, so forget about whether or not people will like you, and just focus on keeping it real.  Real is relatable, and people are drawn to the businesses and brands they relate to.

3.  Align with your target audience.

In Alex’s case, her target audience is what she calls “Missionpreneurs.”  Entrepreneurs guided by a mission.  Since those are the people she most wants to draw in as her clients, she markets her own business and the value she can provide by emphasizing the importance of mission.

When we speak and market in alignment with our target, there’s very little “selling” that needs to occur, as our target is naturally attracted to what we’re putting out there when we’re in alignment.  Client attraction sounds good, right?

4.  Create momentum.

Build consistency into your brand and marketing efforts, and let your enthusiasm for your mission shine through.  When your passion and enthusiasm is behind everything you’re doing, there’s an energy that is palpable and attractive to clients, potential partners, and anyone else who may be keeping an eye on you and your business.

5.  Share with the masses.

As of Tuesday, the day Alexandra shared these 5 tips, the #ALSIceBucketChallenge had already raised over 15 million dollars.  And since that time, the facebook videos haven’t slowed down.  We’ve seen new ones from George W. Bush, Anna Wintour, Cheryl Cole, the CEO of Warner Bros., and so many more.

What’s the lesson from all this?

People are inspired to take action when there’s a MISSION behind it.

Don’t just tell people WHAT you’re doing in your business; tell them WHY you’re doing it.

And spread that message far and wide.

When you lead with your WHY, those in your tribe will self-select.  They’ll recognize they’re your right people, and they will show up.

Great insights, right?

Now, it’s time to #TakeAction.

What’s one small step you can take today to infuse more of your mission into your brand?  Please share in the Comments.

Or do have an example of a something a brand you love has done to convey a powerful mission-based message?  Tell us about it in the Comments below.

And remember, happiness is the key to success, so keep your happiness at the top of the agenda!






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