Moms Who Drink Wine at Playdates – How Much is Too Much? (VIDEO)

Blog February 11, 2013

I love having a glass of wine at a playdate.  Or at the end of a long day of running my business, seeing clients, taking care of the house, the little man, making dinner…  Or during date night.  Or by the pool…

But there’s a point at which it’s too much, right?

And it can be tricky to know whether or not you’re at that point.  Especially with so many of our peers indulging as well.

After a friend recently confided in me that she is now living a sober life, one day at a time, after hitting her “bottom” – I thought it’s time to address this issue out in the open.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you might have an issue, or you’re concerned about a friend or loved one, in this video I share 3 easy tips to check yourself before you wreck yourself – and your family.

Watch the video, and in the Comments, please share other tips you have for keeping yourself in check – or recognizing when there’s an issue that warrants greater intervention.

Remember, a happy mama = a happy family, so keep your happiness at the top of the agenda and enjoy your wine responsibly – and in moderation.  🙂




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  • Christina says:

    What a great topic! Kudos to you for addressing this. I am not a mom but a recovering wine aficianado as well. I do believe one can master the art of self discipline and keep it at one glass.

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