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Today I share with you this beautiful web feature published online by Muses & Visionaries Magazine in anticipation of Connect Relate Activate LIVE.

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M&V Magazine asked some compelling questions that caused me to sit down and really do some contemplating, but unfortunately there wasn’t room to print the whole interview.

So, check out the interview over at M&V Mag, and then pop back in here and scroll down for the rest of the Q’s & A’s that didn’t quite make the M&V feature down below.

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M&V:  You say that you don’t like the term ‘work-life balance’ but instead like the term ‘work-life synergy.’  Could you explain what you mean by that?

Me:  Work/life Synergy is when the ENERGY you spend is an accurate reflection of your clearly held values, priorities, and desired feelings.

It begins with getting very clear and honest with yourself about what is most important to you – your values and priorities – and how you want to FEEL in your life (do you want to feel present, calm, productive, focused, abundant – or do you want to feel stressed out, guilty, anxious).  When we start there, we have great clarity about where to focus our energy.

The problem with “work/life balance” is the term itself suggests that there is some perfect balanced state that is attainable, and often we think of it as being a balance of the amount of TIME we spend in our work lives vs. our personal lives.

Of course any parent knows you can spend 5 hours with your child, but if in those 5 hours you’re dragging them around running errands, cooking dinner while they watch TV, and responding to your email or checking Facebook, you’re not truly present, and you’re still going to suffer from guilt.

But if you spend 20 minutes with your child where your energy is fully focused and engaged with them – whether you’re playing a board game together, having a conversation, helping with homework (and not constantly checking your phone), then you’re far less likely to suffer from guilt – because you truly were present.

Work/life Synergy is not a goal or an item on your to do list.  It’s a way of living.  It’s about being intentional about where we put our attention.

It’s a subtle shift that makes a massive difference.


M&V:  Above all else, what do you hope that the women who attend this workshop will walk away having learned or having been equipped/inspired with?

My intention with CRA LIVE is for each person to walk away with CLARITY as to their own best next steps to achieve their business and life goals – inspired to take action.  But rather than a fleeting feeling of being motivated, attendees will leave with practical know-how so they can manage their own limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that so often get in the way of personal progress.

They will make great new connections, learn about their own unique personality advantages and how best to leverage them, and have the tools to turn their new insights into action!


MV:  How do you choose the other women who partner with you in speaking at the workshop?

With CRA LIVE, I hand-selected women who inspire me and who share my philosophy that when it comes to doing business, there is no such thing as competition; only opportunities to collaborate and work together to benefit even more people.

Each speaker is dynamic, entertaining, and authentic, and has so much to offer our audience.  And I’m particularly excited to share my own coach, the woman who has been behind me cheering me on since before I even knew what a coach was – Lois Barth.  Lois is a nationally recognized speaker and is coming in from NYC to take the stage – to give our audience a good helping of what I’m so fortunate to get every time we have a session.  She is not to be missed!

M&V:  Who has been a significant role model or muse in your life and your work?

It may be cliche, but it’s true.  MOM.

From her incredible work ethic, to her resilience, to her remarkable ability to reinvent herself (she had an illustrious career as an attorney in New Orleans, built a renowned B&B and ran it for many years, and became a successful headhunter for lawyers now with her own firm) – she has always done it all without us ever feeling neglected or unheard.

In other words, while she has always worked full-time, she’s always also been a full-time mom.

If I am doing half as well as she’s done, I’m doing just fine.

Badge-speakerRegistration for CRA LIVE closes for good on January 14, 2015.

That’s because we will spend the last two weeks leading up to the event focused on delivering the most valuable, personalized, and customized experience possible, rather than spinning more wheels in promotion and wondering who may or may not register at the last minute.

We have some amazing treats in store for you, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Join us at and get yourself registered.  Let’s kick off 2015 with some turbo-charged action!

In the meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR, MY FRIENDS!

With love, light, and fearless action,


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