My Elevator Story [VIDEO]

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Confession:  I do not enjoy sharing my “elevator story.”

There, I said it.

It was so much easier when I practiced law.  It went something like,

“My name is Stacy Schneider (it was then), and I’m an attorney.  I practice in the area of Complex Commercial Litigation and Securities Litigation at [firm name].

I have my JD from Tulane Law School and my B.A. in Philosophy from University of North Carolina in Chapel Hil.  I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone, and I’m happy to be here!”

Fast forward a couple years to when I started having to do an “elevator story” as a new coach.

It was like a whole bunch of word vomit.

“My name is Stacy Boegem.  It’s pronounced Buh-chem – it’s a Dutch name – but you can just say Bo-gum – that’s how my husband pronounces it in the U.S.  Anyway, I’m an attorney turned life and business coach…  blah blah blah… When I had my son, it became clear to me that (insert story-telling here), and blah blah blah (more rambling)…”


Thank goodness it’s evolved since then.

Truth be told, if I could get away with not having to do my elevator story ever again and just hit play on this video instead, I’d be pretty pumped.

Diana Castro and her team nailed it.

I feel so fortunate to have this beautiful cinematic creation to share my story and my passion.

In it, I share what the Happiness Agenda means to me.

We’re gonna be focusing on your happiness agenda at Connect Relate Activate LIVE, cultivating the mindset you need with the actionable strategies to make it a reality – so you can have the business – and live the life – you most want.

If you feel called to join us, go ahead and jump over to to register.

We’ve got some amazing treats in store for you at this game-changer of a day.

Have a fantastic day xx,

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