My Transition is in Transition!

Blog November 8, 2011

Well, folks, we did it. The Boegem family up and left New York City and has landed in Hollywood, Florida. Some still seem to be in shock at news of this event. The transitions coach, yours truly, has undertaken such a massive transition that I’ve been feeling like my transition is in transition, if that’s even possible.

So let’s recap on the capital “T” Transition going on here. At the beginning of the year, I launched a new career. In the Spring, I undertook the project of changing my name (after 5 years of marriage) leaving the old Schneider in the dust. (This one has been way bigger than I thought it’d be). Over the Summer, after a melanoma diagnosis, I transformed my lifestyle, adopting a mostly vegan diet, changing my wardrobe to achieve better sun protection, tossing all my old skin care and beauty products in favor of pure non-toxic (and way better) alternatives, and picking up a long overdue meditation practice.

What better way to bring in Fall than a complete relocation – to another state, another way of living. We’ve gone from subways to interstates, strollers to car seats, snow to heat, an apartment to a house, and so much more. The little man went from crib to bed, old school to new school, old friends to new friends… he even has his own bathroom now (which I think I’m more happy about than he).

We’re settling in well. Adjusting to our new way of life has been quite seamless, I must say. I don’t miss taxis and subways, I don’t miss apartment living, and surprisingly I’m not even missing my beloved West Village. What do I miss? My friends. Ugh. I really miss my friends. I miss my girlfriends; I miss our couple friends; I miss my community. While I am excitedly looking forward to the new bonds, new connections I will surely make here in South Florida, as well as reconnecting with some long lost friends from a lifetime ago when I lived down here for a short stint, I am holding my New York power posse close to my heart. Ladies and gents – stay in touch – and better yet, come visit! We’ve got an extra bedroom now…

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  • Sherry Schneider says:

    I, for one, continue to be excited by your Transition…of course I would be since I am your mother and now live a mere 20 minutes away! And while I enjoy visiting NY….I am happy to only visit once a year to get a Broadway fix…..and not every 3 months or so. I love that we can decide to get together at the last minute. I understand the missing of friends…I miss your friends as well. I am excited that Vanessa is coming down…we need to work on Lynda and Noah and Char-char…and what about Michelle and Alex? I am very happy with how the Boegem family has handled all the Transition…and also very proud! I know that I speak for Harvey, the Schneider’s and the rest of our extended family….WELCOME and we are So happy you are in Florida!!

  • Karen K. says:

    While we didn’t get a shout out from Mama Schneider Senior, we know you miss us too and we miss you guys a lot! Max is in this stage that he often has recollections from “when I was 2” and just yesterday mentioned his lunch with Stacy, JJ and Bridget after the waterpark “the other day” (to him it feels like that). Three year olds are quite insightful as I too believe when we do see you guys again (whenever that may be) it will feel like just yesterday that we last saw you in the Village eating tapas. We are so happy that the transition is going smoothly for all of you. All our love, Karen, Billy, Max and Jessie

    • Stacy says:

      Ha – I’m gonna have to tell Mama Schneider Senior to give a special shout out next time to the K/P clan! Thank you so much for commenting, Karen! We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you when you’re down here. Let us know your deets. In the meantime, we should try a little facetime chat! JJ would love to see his buddy! xoxo

  • Benjamin says:

    Hey Stacy,
    So that’s it! you guys made it there! When we saw each other last,it wasn’t sure,now it’s done,congratulations!!!!
    We wish you a great time in your new state,a bit of sun is always nice for the soul,close to family and even if your New York posse is a bit further now, they are close to your heart like you said, keep it up!!! you guys are always welcome to France,take good care,hugs,Ben and Dom.

    • Stacy says:

      Hi Benny! I hope you and Dom can come visit us soon – we’d love to show you around our new hood! Lots of love to you, and thank you so much for leaving a comment! xoxo

  • Great blog, yes transition is something onto itself, but you do it so well, thanks for the great blog, and can’t wait to see you in March, and meet Jaye and your Florida digs, YAY!! Thanks for all the blog shout outs, really appreciate them!

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