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Blog Everything Else May 28, 2013

“You will be surprised how the universe conspires to prove you right… If you have the desire planted in your heart, then it is meant to be, no matter how many obstacles you find.”

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Meet Daniela Garcia, the woman behind Pure of Heart, who I am so thrilled to be sharing the mic with this Saturday at GIRL ON FIRE.

I’m changing things up a bit on the blog this week and sharing an interview I did with Daniela so you can see for yourself why I knew immediately that I needed to collaborate with her and do my part in sharing her message and her beautiful clothing with my tribe.

I met Daniela, mom of 4 (!!!) on my entrepreneurial journey in Miami, and she has become such an inspiration to me, not just through her  words and deeds, but through her clothes too – and most of all, through her commitment to the pursuit of her passion.

Daniela completely reinvented herself, founding Pure of Heart, taking a little idea and turning it into a fashion collection in a class all its own.  My interview with Daniela:

Q:  Tell me about Pure of Heart!

Pure of Heart is a fun eco-friendly clothing line made to empower, inspire and support women to uncover our pure heart again.

Q:  How did you come up with the idea to launch Pure of Heart?  (And what were you doing before?)

A year after giving birth to my second daughter Juliett, I noticed my baby blues were not going away…although I enjoyed being a mother, deep inside I was frustrated and not happy at the life I had made for myself.

I began an inner search to find who I was and what I truly wanted out of life on a personal level.

I believe we are meant to be HAPPY with what we are doing in addition to being of service to others.   I decided to combine my love for motivating people to be who they want to be and my LOVE for fashion… To help people look and feel great from the  inside out!!

I wanted to create clothing that inspires its wearers to have a better day.  Affirmations are powerful and have been proven to make a difference in your life.


Q:  What do you know now about launching and running your business that you wish you had known when you first launched?

I wish I had more patience and was in less of a hurry…and bought less fabric too!  Now, after a year in business, I am ready to take my business to the next level and is growing strong, but there where times of doubt due to my lack of patience.

Q:  How much time lapsed between first having your business idea and actually launching?

12 months, lots of tears, smiles, airplanes and fun…

Q:  Looking back, what could you have done differently in order to launch your business sooner, or more effectively?

I wish I had known about B-school before launching my business. It would have saved me precious time and money. But I learned the hard way.

(This is Stacy speaking now: Daniela mentioned B-School.  B-School is a huge game-changer.  I shared the details about it and my experience with it here).

Q:  What was the biggest obstacle standing in your way when you first launched?

My biggest obstacle was my lack of knowledge about the fashion industry.  Figuring out manufacturing time frames, costs, fabrics, production, and quantities. It delayed our launch without knowing all of these details.

Q:  What strategies do you use to make sure you are honoring your values and priorities in both your business life and your personal life, particularly as a mother?

Being a mom is setting an example for my children.  Everyday I ask myself a simple question: is this something that I want my children to do?  With all honesty, I do the right thing for everyone around me: our mother earth by using the best eco-friendly fabrics, the manufacturing of our clothing is done in the USA by loving good-hearted women, the printing company we use is also based in the USA and their working environment for their employees is great… I bless each person that I encounter… I give out  in every aspect of myself what I want for me, for my family and for our world.

Q:  What is your best piece of advice for other moms out there that are considering turning their own business idea into reality?

Moms, we are the most important influence in our children’s life. They will try to imitate us even when they don’t want – the best example you can give your loved ones is to BE who you want to be… whatever your heart yearns, make it happen!! for by fulfilling your dreams you give permission to your children and your loved ones to fulfill theirs. What an amazing role we have!! It’s exciting and I am rooting for you every step of the way.

Get organized, get a game plan, find your center, and go for it with confidence, you will be surprised how the universe conspires to prove you right.. if you have the desire planted in your heart, then it is meant to be, no matter how many obstacles you find.

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Is she amazing or what?!?  Daniela is a Girl on Fire! and is giving away some pieces of her beautiful Pure of Heart collection to some lucky ladies this Saturday at our event in East Hollywood.

If you’re anywhere in the South Florida area, I hope you’ll join us for this unique one-of-a-kind morning of connection, inspiration, and quality time just for you.  And the cherry on top?  A portion of your ticket goes to Team Up for Toys, benefiting Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital.  Good for you, good for the world.  What’s better than that?

Leave your kids at home with your honey, and indulge.  xx

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  • Susie says:

    Beautiful interview! I love Daniela’s message when she says: “BE who you want to be… whatever your heart yearns, make it happen!”
    Thank you for sharing this inspring story. Cheers

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