What to Do When There Are Too Many Balls in the Air

Blog Everything Else October 17, 2012

If we’re connected on Facebook, you may have seen my post last week (click here to connect if we’re not yet!). I wrote:

At the time I wrote it, I was subconsciously giving myself permission to do just that.

Here’s why.

Right now I am sitting at my kitchen table writing on my desktop computer. (It didn’t seem worth the hassle of putting it back in my office after picking it up from the Genius Bar since we’re packing up the house for our move to our new home).

My computer’s not the only thing out of place. Wall hangings have come down, dishes have been packed up, toys, books – we’re living in a jungle of tall box towers.


This was our NYC apartment in October 2011:

NYC in Boxes








And here’s a snapshot I took of our place yesterday:

FL Rental in Boxes










In the midst of all this personal life transition – I launched my new website. In other words, major business transition too.

And wouldn’t you know, it turns out the launch was one year to the date that we left NYC. Exactly. October 8. (Thanks to a dear friend for bringing that to my attention 😉 )

So I’m packing up my family, nailing down insurance, the mortgage, the change of address, picking paint colors, shopping for furniture…

And my “itty-bitty committee” is going crazy. (Check out this earlier post to learn about your “itty-bitty committee”).

The chorus:

“Stacy, when are you going to find someone to apply the wallpaper for the dining room?”

“You’re not even going to volunteer for the little man’s Scholastic book fair this week?”

“Shouldn’t your office be packed by now?”

“You haven’t finished updating all of your worksheets to reflect your new color scheme?”

“What?!? Tortilla chips and salsa for lunch? Really?!?”

When I shared with my mastermind group that I’m feeling some pretty low energy these last couple of weeks because while I am so excited about our new house, I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing as much as I’d like to, they looked me in the eye and gave me a dose of truth serum.

Thank god for truth-telling soul sisters.

They reminded me to be where I am.

Because it’s when we get ahead of ourselves that we get tripped up.

There’s a lot that NEEDS to get done.

And the best way – the only way – to get a lot done is to DO ONE THING AT A TIME.

I’m reminded this week to really focus just on THE VERY NEXT STEP.

Even if that means it’s chips and salsa for lunch.

What do you need to get done?

What is the very next step for you?

Take it. One step at a time.

And in the meantime, target one of those other proverbial balls in the air, and put it on the shelf.

You can pick it back up when the time is right.

Or maybe you’ll decide not to.

And you’ll have created unoccupied space in your life.

Just reading those words – unoccupied space – allows me to take a deeper breath.

Ok, I’m off to box up my office now.

The blog will likely be quiet for the next 2 weeks, but I’ll be back with lots of great new content in November. Exhale… feels good to put this ball on the shelf.


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