What Forbes + Marie Forleo Have to Do with the Launch of the New StacyBoegem.Com

Blog October 8, 2012

Sometimes the force that causes us to START – or in my case, to FINISH – comes from a place we’d least expect.

I’ve been in the web redesign process for months now.

Old with the Old…

It started in the new year, when I began conceptualizing the general direction I wanted to go with my new site.

Then I gained a lot more clarity over the Summer when I took Marie Forleo’s magnificent B School program.

Finally after months of dragging my heels on bringing in a pro, I took the plunge and engaged a real web designer to help me.

And then drafts, edits, re-do’s, more edits… finishing touches, and more finishing touches.

And then suddenly, seemingly out of the blue, I find out from numerous sources I’ve been quoted on Forbes.com, singing the praises of the above-mentioned Ms. Forleo.


I get into “urgent utter madness mode” – “OMG we must make the new site LIVE and NOW” – “it’s FORBES!!!” – “I can’t have Forbes linking to my old stuff – it looks like amateur hour over there!”

So we did.

We went LIVE, and the Forbes article went DOWN.


It disappeared.

That was 10 days ago.


But hey – this was my chance to get the site polished and finished before the article went back up, right?

This was the Universe’s way of helping me FINISH the site and MOVE FORWARD!

But it wouldn’t be so easy.

I was met with login failures, and down email.

A virus on my Mac.

Down internet.

iPhone screen shattered.

And when I was on my way to the mall to take my new giant Mac desktop and my shattered phone to the Genius Bar, the CD player in my car broke.  Wish I was kidding.

At one point I was in such a technology twilight zone, I was convinced there was a magnetic field around me causing any and all technology to go haywire!

My husband even got a little nervous about me driving.

And now, here we are, with a new and gorgeous StacyBoegem.com to share with the world.  (She can also be found at www.thehappinessagenda.com).

Wish I could send you to check out the Forbes article, but it’s still down.  But you can bet I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s back up!

In the meantime, have a look around.

Check out the “Resource” pages, where I’ve curated some of my best content on Being True to Yourself, Making a Career Comeback, and of course – being Sun Savvy.

And isn’t the graphic of the Manifesto super cool?!?

We’ll be rolling out some updates and filling in some blanks over the next few weeks, so  in the meantime, you may find some works in progress.

But hey – even though we launched before we were “ready” – the truth is, we were READY TO LAUNCH!

Leave a Comment below and let me know what you think of the new site!



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