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Business Tips March 3, 2015

BSchool HERO

With only 24 hours left to enroll in B-School, I’m fielding lots of phone calls, texts, and emails to answer Q’s and help folks make the best decision for themselves and their businesses.

It’s easy – and fun – to share my experiences about B-School and to describe the program curriculum, the technical training bonuses, and all the value the program provides …  but in each conversation, I always find myself making a point to communicate the unspoken mega-bonus of B-School, which is the incredible community you become a part of when you join.

There’s the global community of B-Schoolers, at least 13,000 strong as of the 2014 class (likely to be closer to 20k after enrollment closes tomorrow), and there are the subgroups by location, industry, common interest, and more (B-School Attorneys, B-School Health Care Practitioners, B-School Speakers, B-School Coaches, B-School Moms, B-School Photographers, B-School South Florida, and on and on)…  And the amount of sharing of resources, feedback on important questions, support provided within these groups – it’s just downright inspiring.

But then there are the live – the real, in-the-flesh – B-Schoolers who enter your life and become your business soul-sisters, your friends, your collaborators, and more.

I was thinking about this a lot yesterday on my way home from our Connection Breakfast where my good friend and fellow B-Schooler, Courtney Ortiz, took to the podium to share the story of her entrepreneurial journey from former teacher and new stay-at-home mom, to highly sought after portrait artist with brick-and-mortar studio space, and it got me thinking about the many other B-Schoolers who also play critical roles in my life and business.

I wanted to tell you about a few collaborations I’ve done with fellow B-Schoolers so you can see what I mean…

  • For all my headshots, website photos, and my family photography, Courtney Ortiz is my girl.
  • For my video needs, you can’t beat my friend and fellow B-Schooler, Diana Castro (she did my “About” video, my mastermind testimonials video, and the CRALive welcome video that blew everyone’s socks off!)
  • When it came to social media strategy and execution for CRALive, my friend and fellow B-Schooler Tiffany Doner had my back.
  • Who keeps my skin in check to be sure melanoma is a thing of the past, and not of the future?  Dr. Marianna Blyumin, my friend, fellow B-Schooler, and exceptional dermatologist.
  • When I wanted a speaker for our Femfessionals event on how to work with virtual assistants, Stephanie Coradin was the one.
  • When I wanted to share inspiring wisdom on how to create your own great videos, I went to my friend and fellow B-Schooler, founder of Video Rockstar University, Share Ross.
  • Who did I ask to take the stage at CRALive to lead us in a guided meditation?  My friend and fellow B-Schooler, and beautiful self-love preacher, Nikki Novo.
  • What clothing designer created our beautiful staff shirts for CRALive?  The founder of Pure of Heart apparel, my friend and fellow B-Schooler Daniela Garcia.
  • When someone asks me for advice on succeeding in the direct sales industry, I direct them to my friend and fellow B-Schooler, the very savvy Darlene Giol.
  • Who’s lined up to share tips on how to draft compelling copy in your marketing materials at our next local connection event?  My friend and fellow B-Schooler Hannah Litman

Catch my drift?

It’s such a gift to have these incredible people in my life.  We lift each other up.  We hold high expectations of one another.  We share.  We collaborate.  We believe in each other, especially when some of us have moments when we forget to believe in ourselves.

The power of COMMUNITY.  It’s big.

It’s expansive.

It’s beautiful.

I am really excited to get started next week in our in-person and Google Hangout masterminds with the new class.

Interesting people with diverse backgrounds, all with the passion to take action to create a business and life they love.

It honestly is such an honor to get to be a part of their journeys.

If you feel called to join us, now is the time to commit.  Click here to enroll in B-School through my exclusive partner link, which will automatically give you access to our Mastermind, our private FB community, as well as your complimentary ticket to CRA Live 2016.

If B-School is not for you this time around, or even if you have no intention of ever doing B-School, do yourself a favor, and watch Marie’s FREE training videos before they’re taken down tomorrow afternoon.  (Once enrollment closes at 3 PM, these free videos come down too).

I’ll send you a final reminder tomorrow before it’s too late, but in the meantime, if you have any final Q’s about whether it’s for you, don’t be shy.  I’m around and available to chat, so just hit reply and we’ll make it happen.

(I also listed some great resources for you to check out down below).

Remember, my friend, you were put on this earth to use your strengths and talents to be of service in the world in a way that is meaningful and rewarding, so whether you join B-School or not, I hope you continue to take consistent, committed action to create the life you want to live.

Much love and appreciation,


Not sure what this whole B-School thing is about?  Click here to learn about this 8-week world-class online business training program that could make the difference between where you are and where you want to be.

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