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Business Tips November 16, 2015
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Have you ever found yourself doing something that you were told years earlier you should do, but you are just finally getting to it now?
That’s how I feel about MAKE LIKE A MAGNET, the program I’m launching with Cori Meltzer for women lawyers to learn practical tools to authentically develop their own roster of clients.
This training has been brewing in me for a long time, but something was holding me back.  It was a lack of clarity, I think.  And I’m sure a good dose of negative self-talk and limiting beliefs.
Until I met Cori and we started talking.
We started sharing what we’ve been doing in our own respective fields.
We started talking about our shared passion for women’s equality.
We had coffee date after coffee date where we’d find ourselves finishing each others’ sentences, and I would get goosebumps (literally) from my excitement to be sitting across the table and connecting with someone so smart, articulate, and passionate about the same things I am passionate about.
We knew we had to collaborate.
We knew that the power our voices have individually would be more than doubled when we teamed up, combining our unique strengths and talents to be of service in the world.
And that’s how MAKE LIKE A MAGNET was born.
Together we have created a program we are both truly proud of.
One that applies to real lawyers.  Real women.  With real lives.  Real schedules.  Real pressures.
This isn’t a one-size-fits-all marketing class.
It’s a palatable set of teachings that can be applied piecemeal or comprehensively, regardless of what stage lawyers are in their careers.
We are kicking off MAKE LIKE A MAGNET with a 1/2 day workshop in Miami, FL on Friday, November 20.
All the details are here.
Registration closes Wednesday, Nov. 18 @ 5 PM (EST).
Please share the link with your lawyer friends who could benefit from more freedom, independence, and control over their careers.


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