How to Get Clarity on What’s Next for You

Business Tips June 10, 2015

Clarity graphic red“As soon as I’m clear on what I do with my life, I’ll get started.”

“As soon as I’m clear on how I can help people, I’ll do it.”

“As soon as I’m clear on the best way to market my business, I’ll do it.”

I hear this stuff all the time.

And it’s said with heart.  With meaning.  With passion and sincerity.

The problem is, it’s backwards.

You can be so afraid of taking the wrong action that you take no action.

You think – or hope – that at a certain point, clarity will strike and you will know exactly what the right action will be.  And then of course, you’ll do it, right?

But what is going to make that clarity come?

Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have that lightbulb a-ha moment in the shower, when suddenly you know EXACTLY what your right action is.

Or maybe your doorbell will ring tomorrow morning and the person standing there will tell you EXACTLY what action is right for you.

But probably not.

So what are we to do?

You may not like my answer.

In fact, if there’s something nagging at you that you know you need/want to move forward on – but you haven’t for lack of clarity – I’m pretty sure you will NOT like my answer.

Here it is:

CLARITY COMES FROM ACTION, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Tweet: Clarity comes from ACTION, not the other way around. via @StacyBoegem to Tweet)

Take action, and that action will bring you clarity.

Take more action, and get more clarity.

Every. Single. Time.

I have a client who’s been thinking about becoming a personal fashion consultant and shopper.

She loves fashion, has a really keen eye for what works well together, and she’s great at styling her friends.

Yet, when it came to taking action to get her business going – creating a plan and a brand – she kept spinning her wheels due to “lack of clarity” on what her offerings would be, what her logo would look like, what she’d call the biz, and more.

So I challenged her to take on a client without any of that stuff.

“Just style someone!” I said.

She put feelers out there, found a client who would be her guinea pig, and got to work.

She took some ACTION.

And guess what she discovered…

– Professional wardrobe styling is a much needed service in her market.

– This “test” client has at least 2 friends who also need these styling services, and are willing to pay more than my client ever thought she’d be able to charge.

– It took a lot more of my client’s time to pull the looks and shop with her client than she expected it would take.

Now, as she designs her offerings, she has a better idea of what the needs are of her target market.

She can package her offerings in a way that takes into account the full amount of hours she’ll actually spend in service of the client.

She can price her services at a level that will make all her time spent worthwhile for her, plus earn a profit, knowing in advance that prospects in her target market see the value in what she’s offering and are willing to pay those prices.

Waiting for lightbulbs to go off would have left her waiting a long time.

And the more we wait in inaction, the less likely we are to ever take any action at all.

So take imperfect action.

What action can YOU take right now that will get you more clarity where you need it?

Do it.

Take action now.

Reflect on it.

Implement what you’ve learned from that action.

And then take more action!

Here’s to you, and the massive clarity you will gain from taking your next step forward.

Know that I’m cheering you on along the way!



p.s.  If you want to take massive action this Summer and gain massive clarity, consider joining me and a small group of committed professionals and entrepreneurs for my Signature Clarity + Action Mastermind, meeting live and in-person Monday mornings in July in Fort Lauderdale.  For more information, learn more about the Mastermind here.


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