The 3-letter Word That Might Be Killing Your Success

Business Tips January 21, 2014

Yoda - Do or Do Not. There is no try.

“I’ll try,” she said.

“You’ll try?” I said.

“Yes, I’ll try,” she said.

That’s when I stopped her.

“You’re not working with me so you can ‘try’ to take action,” I said.  “You’re working with me because you are committed to taking action, right?”

“Right,” said my client, looking a bit confused.

Here’s the thing.

When you’re meeting a friend for a movie, you set a time to meet up, and then you show up at that time.

When you’ve paid for a personal training session, you go.

When your friend’s hosting a dinner party and she asks you to bring dessert, you do – even if it means store bought cookies picked up on your way.

Can you imagine if you told your friend you’d try to meet her at the movie?  Or your trainer that you’d try to make the session?  Or your friend that you’d try to bring dessert?

TRY reeks of non-commitment.

When you’re truly committed to taking a specific action, you don’t say you’re going to try.  You say you will, and then you do.  That’s the nature of commitment.

Next time you hear yourself say you’re going to TRY to make/do/call/read/watch/etc., ask yourself this question:

Is my trainer more special than me?
Is my friend more important than me?
Is my (insert name of person in your life who you would never stand up) better than me?

You commit to others, and you honor those commitments.

It’s time to commit to yourself, and then honor that commitment.

When I asked my client if I was more important than she is, she said “No” through a coy smile.

“Well,” I said, “you booked this session with me at this specific time, and then you showed up.”

If you’re a no-show to your own commitments to yourself, what message are you communicating to the world?  That you’re not worthy?  Not as important?  Not as special?

Stop trying.  Start doing.

Let the Universe know you mean business.

Start here.

I want to know what commitment will you make to yourself today?

Tell me in the Comments below.

Write it out for others to see and feel the difference between telling yourself you’ll “try” and telling the world you’ll ACT.

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