Why ACTION is the Foundational Key to Success

Business Tips October 13, 2014

Boegem looking up croppedI just got the best text. One of the entrepreneur moms in my current mastermind group was able to land a prospective client in a snap – easy as pie, without all the back and forth emailing, chasing him down, following up, the whole nine.

For months and months, she thought about creating set packages and pricing, but didn’t do it.

What should the prices be?  What should be included?  How should it look?  Should she reveal the pricing on her site, or hold it close to her chest and only share after speaking with the prospect?

Well, in our first mastermind session, we discussed this stuff.  We visualized how it would look, how it would flow, and we nailed down answers on a bunch of those questions that had been swirling around for months.

One week later, in session two – she showed off a beautifully completed web page, with her 4 packages laid out clearly.

Clients can see exactly where they fit in, how she serves their needs, and can take confident and decisive action to work with her.

Here we are, 3 business days later, and she texts me: “I’m so thrilled.  Had a potential client contact me.  Sent him to my pricing page and he picked a package.  Whoot!”

She’s doing cartwheels (her words), and I am too.  This is what it’s all about.  Taking ACTION and reaping the rewards.

Is there something you’ve been putting off doing in your business because of lack of clarity?  What do you stand to gain from taking some decisive focused action?  What effect would it have on your life to land another client this month?  How about 2?  How about 5?

There is no need to wait for this to be you.

What action can you take right now to get further toward your goal.  To translate months of ideas and thinking in your head to something plain and clear on paper?

You can do this on your own.

But you don’t have to.

With a little support and accountability, imagine what a difference you can make to your bottom line, to your stress level, to your peace of mind.

I’m offering one last mastermind group of the year, and then not again till the Spring.  (This is live in-person in Fort Lauderdale).

All the details and pricing are over here:  http://bit.ly/ZW6SmN

If you want in, grab your spot fast – space is extremely limited so each participant gets ample time and attention on her specific biz and needs.

But whatever you do, please don’t wait for a mastermind, a coaching session, or for your negative self-talk to go away before you take ACTION toward creating the business and life you want.

Do something today to get you one step closer.

A phone call?  Or journal entry?  Reaching out and contacting one of the people on those business cards piled up on your desk.

Whatever it is for you, do it.

There is no substitute for ACTION.



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