CRALive 2015 Event Kick-Off Video Released!

Business Tips Community Mom Life March 7, 2016

If you were at Connect Relate Activate LIVE in 2015, you know that we’re all about the details, and creating the best attendee experience we can. Of course the speakers and the content is amazing, but it doesn’t stop there. From the DJ, to the decor, to the red CRALive notebooks everyone’s been talking about ever since. You also know that the energy in the room was insane – everyone just buzzing with ideas, excitement and inspiration. And in our... View Article

The #1 Key to My Successes

Business Tips February 11, 2016

It’s officially been 5 years since I relaunched myself as a coach, speaker and trainer, and while it’s been an exciting adventure, the journey has also been marked with uncertainty, risk, and many unknowns. Yet I’ve continued to trek along, working my tail off in my commitment to be of service in the world in a way that is meaningful and rewarding. Connect, Relate, Activate LIVE is one of my greatest achievements and sources of pride, and this year, when... View Article

Boegem and Meltzer present business development workshop for women lawyers

Helping Women Lawyers Make Rain

Business Tips November 16, 2015

Have you ever found yourself doing something that you were told years earlier you should do, but you are just finally getting to it now?   That’s how I feel about MAKE LIKE A MAGNET, the program I’m launching with Cori Meltzer for women lawyers to learn practical tools to authentically develop their own roster of clients.   This training has been brewing in me for a long time, but something was holding me back.  It was a lack of... View Article

5 Key Ingredients of a SMART Goal

Business Tips June 25, 2015

If you told me your goal was to lose weight, I wouldn’t have a whole lot of confidence if your readiness, willingness, or commitment to achieving that goal. You know why? It’s not a SMART goal. Don’t get me wrong.  It might be an incredibly important goal for you, especially if you’re suffering health issues as a result of your weight, or are starting to outgrow your clothes and can’t afford to invest in a larger wardrobe, or for a... View Article

SMART Goal-Setting Workshop

Business Tips June 24, 2015

As thank you to everyone who attended the first ever Connect Relate Activate LIVE this year, and to re-charge everyone’s batteries now that we’re reaching the halfway mark for 2015, last week I hosted a BONUS Goal-Setting Workshop & Connection Event to get us all RE-connected, RE-related, and RE-activated! I focused the participants on reconnecting with their unique vision for what they want to DO, what they want to HAVE, and who they want to BE, and led everyone through... View Article

How to Get Clarity on What’s Next for You

Business Tips June 10, 2015

“As soon as I’m clear on what I do with my life, I’ll get started.” “As soon as I’m clear on how I can help people, I’ll do it.” “As soon as I’m clear on the best way to market my business, I’ll do it.” I hear this stuff all the time. And it’s said with heart.  With meaning.  With passion and sincerity. The problem is, it’s backwards. You can be so afraid of taking the wrong action that you... View Article

A Note About Community

Business Tips March 3, 2015

With only 24 hours left to enroll in B-School, I’m fielding lots of phone calls, texts, and emails to answer Q’s and help folks make the best decision for themselves and their businesses. It’s easy – and fun – to share my experiences about B-School and to describe the program curriculum, the technical training bonuses, and all the value the program provides …  but in each conversation, I always find myself making a point to communicate the unspoken mega-bonus of... View Article

My Business Secret Weapon

Business Tips February 5, 2015

Hello Fellow Visionary Action-Taker, I’ve got some really good stuff to share with you today, which will literally change your business and life if you act on it. Here’s the skinny. In 2011, with my 2 1/2 year old in school 3 hours a day, 3 days a week, I completed my coaching certification, launched a cute little Vistaprint website, ordered matching business cards, said goodbye to the practice of law for good, and gave my new life coaching business... View Article