My Elevator Story [VIDEO]

Blog Business Tips Everything Else Mom Life November 11, 2014

Confession:  I do not enjoy sharing my “elevator story.” There, I said it. It was so much easier when I practiced law.  It went something like, “My name is Stacy Schneider (it was then), and I’m an attorney.  I practice in the area of Complex Commercial Litigation and Securities Litigation at [firm name]. I have my JD from Tulane Law School and my B.A. in Philosophy from University of North Carolina in Chapel Hil.  I’m really looking forward to meeting... View Article

How to Find True Love w/ Nikki Novo

Blog Everything Else November 7, 2014

When I first started dating Sacha, it was the second semester of MY LAST and HIS FIRST year in law school. I was 3 months from graduation, after which I’d be studying for the bar all summer, and then heading up to NYC to start my job at the big firm. He still had two years of law school to go – at Tulane – in New Orleans. In other words, just as I’m getting ready to embark on my... View Article

Important Announcement (Time-Sensitive)

Business Tips Community Everything Else October 7, 2014

After a year of planning, I am pumped to announce that registration for Connect Relate Activate LIVE is OPEN. This event is going to be a real game-changer – we’ve got some amazing stuff in store for you – I’m even flying my own coach, Lois Barth, down from NYC so she can rock the stage and share her awesomeness with you directly. But that’s only just the beginning.  Lots more great stuff on tap at CRALive, which I’ll be... View Article

Change Your Words, Change Your Life

Blog Everything Else September 21, 2014

Sometimes all it takes to change our perspective is to change one word. Before a big talk, switching out nervous for excited. It completely changes the energy – allows me to maintain a sense of peace and calm, while feeling energized and inspired. I’m mindful of the language I use with the little man too.  Instead of saying, “You scared me” – I say “You startled me” – it expands his vocabulary, and avoids suggesting there should be fear associated... View Article

Warning :: Happiness + Success Is Not Enough

Everything Else February 27, 2014

In January, I shared with you that my word for 2014 is FLY. And I’ve been flying. But there was something I forgot about flying. Lemme explain. Check out this pic from our Femfessionals lunch yesterday.  The room was filled with women entrepreneurs connecting, elevating, and inspiring one another.  We had the amazing Share Ross, Vixen bassist and an extraordinary coach for creative entrepreneurs, speak to the group about creating fans through video.  She was a huge hit.  (Expect some... View Article

7 Worries You Can Let Go of in 2014

Everything Else January 2, 2014

Let’s be honest.  It’s virtually impossible to not experience some forms of worry, especially if you’re a parent.  We worry about our kids’ safety, our own health and longevity to be around to take care of them, our financial security, the planet.  But here’s 7 things you can stop worrying about in the New Year – all part of the formula for living a happier life. 1.  FOMO. If you’re in the cool crowd, you already know that FOMO means Fear... View Article

How to Grow a Successful Business as a Work-at-Home Mompreneur; Stacy Boegem interviews Courtney Ortiz

How to Grow a Successful Business as a Work-at-Home MOMpreneur – (VIDEO)

Business Tips Everything Else September 6, 2013

When I moved down to South Florida, I discovered pretty quickly that Courtney Ortiz is a photographer in high demand, and I needed to figure out a way to get her to do my headshots. When I found out she was also a mom of three who works from home, I was amazed and knew I had to get to know her and learn her best secrets for building and growing her business while also being a present mom. Fast... View Article

Video Blog Graphic - Overcome the Top 3 Obstacles

Overcome the Top 3 Obstacles to Creating Video Blogs

Business Tips Everything Else August 6, 2013

Have you had it on your to-do list to create video blogs for your business, but haven’t taken the leap? Do you cringe when you see yourself in video, or hear the sound of your own voice? Are you afraid you don’t have the “right” equipment? Maybe you’re not sure what to even talk about on video? This week’s episode of Happy Mama TV is for you. After you watch it, I want to hear from YOU. What is your... View Article