Reducing Your Stuff Will Make You Happier

Mom Life March 20, 2014

{This post is a guest submission by Jo Ebisujima (bio below).  Just in time for a bit of Spring cleaning.  STUFF BEGONE!} STUFF. We all have it and most of us have too much of it. Not only is there our personal stuff, but there is the partners’ and kids’ stuff too.  Even pets have a collection of stuff! Why do we have so much stuff? Well there are many reasons.  Living in a society where material goods equal wealth... View Article

Having Your Mom Cake, and Eating it Too

Mom Life January 9, 2014

How long does a woman need to be out of the workforce to start feeling like she has nothing to offer in the professional world anymore?  Does it take 8 years?  6 years?  3 years?  One year? For me, the feeling set in at about one year out.  I had unexpectedly resigned from my law firm while I was out maternity leave, and as we were coming up on my little man’s first birthday, I knew I was ready to... View Article

Get Your Baby to Sleep – Without Tears (Hers OR Yours)

Mom Life July 2, 2013

I love you truly, J-A-Y. You are a very special guy. Through the years, I’ll always love you. For I love you truly, J-A-Y. That’s the whole song.  It just came out the day my little man was born, and I’ve sung it to him before every nap and bedtime ever since. It’s actually a variation on a little jingle we used to sing in my sorority in college (any  KKG’s out there reading this? – leave a Comment!!) Anyway,... View Article

Toy Organization – the 4 Commandments

Blog Mom Life June 10, 2013

If I told you my house was clean and organized all the time, I’d be lying. My biggest challenge with house cleaning and organization is that I work from home.  It takes a lot of self-control to NOT do housework that’s begging to be done when I’m in-between client calls or trying to procrastinate from doing the stuff I don’t like, like bookkeeping. My work hours are work hours, and I have no business cleaning my house during my work... View Article

Your Reinvention: What to Do When You’re Too Scared to Tell Your Best Friend

Blog Everything Else Mom Life August 9, 2012

Last week I received an email from a new friend – someone who subscribes to my newsletter – asking a very good question.  I thought I would answer it in this week’s post as it pertains to many of us.  She said, “Hi Stacy, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 3 years now.  I kinda back-doored into it after an 8-year career in marketing, but now I’m ready to go back to work.  I don’t want to go back into... View Article

The Living Room Can Wait

Blog Mom Life July 15, 2012

I’m sitting on my couch with a pile of clean laundry on the coffee table needing to be put away, a sink full of dishes waiting for their turn in the dishwasher, and various toys, a plasma car, mismatched crocs, and Magna-tiles all scattered about throughout the room. I wish I could say this is an unusual sight in my house on a Sunday afternoon, but alas, this has become quite common these days in the Boegem family household. And... View Article

Stay-at-Home Mom with No Time to Figure Out What You Want to Do Next?

Blog Mom Life June 21, 2012

Do you ever feel that even though you totally love your kids, there must be something more for you in this life?  Have you ever felt secretly jealous of your friends who went right back to work after maternity leave even though you made the conscious choice to resign from your pre-pregnancy job? Does the idea of going to the bathroom by yourself – i.e., without your little one – sound so good you’re ready to take an office job... View Article

5 Blunders You May Be Committing to Make Your Re-entry Into the Workforce Even Harder

Blog Mom Life June 14, 2012

When I first decided it was time to reinsert myself into the outside working world, even though I had only stepped off the career track for one year, it was still very overwhelming. Daunting, even. Cocktail parties and networking events weren’t quite what they used to be. (See The Mom Identity Crisis for more on that.) It took putting my anxieties and nervousness aside, stepping one confident foot forward, followed by the other, and making no apologies for my choices.... View Article