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Business Development for Women Lawyers

During the last 10 years, the gender gap in pay for equity partners has widened.
The typical female equity partner now earns only 80% of what a male equity partner earns, down from 84% in 2006.
In other words, things aren’t getting better for women in the law.  They’re getting worse.
  • Women logged more hours but got paid less.
  • Men outpaced women in rainmaking credit.
  • Men are promoted to partner in significantly higher numbers than women (62% versus 38%).
Stacy has teamed up with mediator, Cori Flam Meltzer, Esq., for a one-of-kind business development training program for women attorneys, MAKE LIKE A MAGNET: The Simple System to Attract Ideal Clients to Your Law Practice, to do something about this.
Upcoming Workshops:
  • Tuesday, August 30, 2016: Sedgwick Law, Miami, FL  (Private event)

Attorney Job Placement

Stacy recently added headhunting to her repertoire of servicing modern attorneys to achieve the work and life they want to live.

She is proud to have joined Schneider Legal Group in this capacity.  SLG is an executive search and consulting firm dedicated to attorney recruiting and placement. SLG is known for the placement of exceptional attorneys in leading law firms and corporations all over Florida and in large legal markets throughout the U.S.

For more information, click here.

One-on-One with Stacy

Stacy takes on only a select handful of individual clients in her signature Private Coaching programs.

Private coaching is for you if any of the following apply:

  • You are feeling stuck, and know you need some support and accountability to get moving.
  • You have so many ideas swirling around in your head and you don’t know which one to act on first.
  • You’re doing so many different things and know you need to streamline and focus to get any one of them to really take off.
  • You like what you’re doing, but you know you could be doing so much better with support and accountability.
  • You want a sounding board where you can bounce ideas and get solid feedback from someone who can relate, and whose only agenda is your own well-being and success.
  • Intellectually you know what you need to do, but day after day, week after week, things keep getting in the way of you getting it done, and you’re ready for a breakthrough.

Stacy has been coaching now for over 5 years, and her client testeimonials speak for themselves.

If you’re ready for real progress, clarity, and action to get you moving in the right direction toward creating the life you want to live, let’s connect.

50-minute sessions are $250 per session, and session fees are paid in advance, 4 sessions at a time.  They may be scheduled weekly or every other week.

To discuss whether coaching with Stacy on an individual basis is right for you, set up a time for your Complimentary Getting Acquainted Call below:

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