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Blog Everything Else May 16, 2013

It is our responsibility to shine our light.When I was in the early incubation stage of designing my new career during my “stay-at-home” era, I was spending a lot of time with my playgroup mom friends.

When I mustered up the courage to share with them what I was working on, reactions included, “OMG, Stacy, that is soooo a perfect fit for you.”  “Right on, sister.  There are so many people you can help; I love it.”  “You go, girl.”

In other words, I was met with support and encouragement.

While I wish this was the kind of reaction everyone in the world got when they shared their dreams, their goals, their ideas, with their peers, unfortunately it’s not.

Too many of my friends and clients tell me that others in their lives – friends, their spouses, sometimes their own parents, give them a lot of grief for launching and working on their own businesses.

Recently, a fellow mompreneur reached out to me, saying that her friends judge her for spending time on her business at the expense of time with her children, and they express doubt that her business will ever thrive.

Who needs enemies when you have friends like that, right?

When we have an unsupportive person in our lives, we’re often tempted to wonder what motivates their negativity…  While that can lead to hours of titillating conversation engaging in amateur psychoanalysis, those hours are rarely fruitful in getting us any further along in our own life and business goals.

So rather than trying to psychoanalyze the negative people in our lives, or feel sorry for ourselves that we have to deal with them, we need to strengthen our commitment to being true to ourselves, and release any urge to concern ourselves with what other people think of us.

We are ever-evolving social creatures.  We grow and expand.  And our development can be scary for people in our lives.  They may worry they’re going to lose us, or that we won’t have a need for them anymore.  They may worry they’re going to be left behind.  In some cases, our brightly shining light is too much for them to bear.  Rather than see our light as a reflection of their own, they squint and contract.

But – it is our responsibility to shine our light.  Even if it might be too blinding for some others.  When we shine our light, we give others permission to shine theirs.  And this world needs all the love and light we have to give.

When you’re stepping out there, taking a risk, pursuing a passion, the support you have around you is absolutely critical.

If you are not finding the cheerleading you need in your existing peer group, it is time to welcome some new connections into your life.

I’m not suggesting you break up with all of your friends.

Different people have different roles and functions in our lives.

But how about seeking out some new folks that “get” what you’re up to.

If you’re a mom considering launching a business, reach out and find other moms considering launching a business.  If you’re adopting a vegan lifestyle, find other vegans to connect with.  If you’re getting sober, find someone else on that path.

If that sounds hard, remember you’ve got facebook, twitter, google +, and more.  Plant some seeds.  Your right people will show up.

The clarity you have in knowing where you are and what kinds of relationships will serve you will be your your greatest ally in paving the way and setting the foundation for new, strong, supportive relationships to come into your life.

Next week on the blog, I’ll be posting an interview with my soul sister, Daniela Garcia.  Daniela is the founder of Pure of Heart clothing, a mom of four, and a girl on fire.  Just a few months ago, she was a stranger to me; and now she and I are collaborating on an exciting event in South Florida to bring women together for connection and inspiration.  Case in point.  (If you’re in South Florida, we’d love to see you there.  Details here).

Hey – if you like this article, please share it.  And if you have any tips for attracting new supportive people into your life, please share them in the Comments below.  We’re all the better for it.

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