What if Your Business FAILS!?!

Business Tips February 5, 2014

It really does take a village to to “have your mom cake and eat it too” – the life of a mompreneur is unique and busy and rewarding and can be a roller coaster, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything, right?

But what if your business fails?

It happens, and there IS life after.  Take it from my friend Teana.

Teana is one woman who is totally committed to thriving as an entrepreneur, and her story is hugely inspiring to me.

I’m so thrilled to share this brand spanking new episode of #MOMsterMindTV with you – Teana shares the story of two failed businesses and how she turned it all around to create a wildly successful business that honors her strengths and talents.  Plus she’s just plain cool.

MMTV Thumbnail Teana Interview

Check it out, and leave a Comment!  Specifically, we want to know:

1.  What is your biggest challenge as a mompreneur and what has worked for you to address it?

2.  What is your best advice for a mom trying to juggle everything without getting stressed out and overwhelmed?

*** Also, I want to let you know that I’m going to be sharing my biggest secret business weapon with you over the next few weeks, so look out for an email from me tomorrow, and one next week.  You don’t want to miss it – trust me.  This is some seriously good stuff.  🙂

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