If Whole Foods and Chanel Had a Baby

Blog Mom Life July 14, 2015

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m passionate about sun protection.

I wrote about my personal experience with melanoma when I was first diagnosed 4 years ago, and as recently as last week, I appeared on ABC Local News 10 with my dermatologist about the importance of regular skin checks.

You may also know that in those first few weeks after my cancer scare, I went on an education binge, reading everything I could about how to prevent another melanoma, and also about how to make my body healthy on the inside so that my cells would be in such great shape that they would create a hostile environment for cancer cells to thrive.

It didn’t take long for me to discover that: (1) your skin is your largest organ, (2) what you put on your skin is absorbed into your blood stream, and (3) most of the products I was putting on my skin were loaded with garbage.


By garbage, I mean heavy metals, mercury, arsenic, hormone disruptors (parabens, commonly found), and so much more.

I was disgusted.

So disgusted that I threw away $350 worth of BRAND NEW high end department store cosmetics I had just purchased a month prior at Bloomingdales after my make-up application with my BFF in preparation for our big night out for her bachelorette party.

How did I know they were so toxic?

I discovered the Environmental Working Group’s (“EWG”) “Skin Deep” database, and looked up every product I owned at the time.

Once I knew the truth about those products, I knew I’d never put them on my body again.

Since then, finding skin care and beauty products that are high quality, perform well, and earn good scores by the EWG so I can feel good about using them has been a windy road – filled with countless hours at Whole Foods trying to test products with no guidance from anyone who actually knows anything about them, and lots of money spent on expensive products that failed to deliver (like the $38 tinted non-greasy facial moisturizer with SPF 40 that was neither tinted (the tint separates from the cream in the tube and is impossible to mix back together for use), nor non-greasy (forget about wearing it anywhere other than the beach).

So a couple weeks ago, when my old college roommate (who’s now an interior designer and mom of three in Chicago) posted on Facebook that she had discovered a line of skin care and cosmetics that are beautiful and sophisticated AND score big wins with EWG, I had to know more.

After a long overdue phone call with Tessa, and my own research into the collection, I knew I had to get my hands on it.

I ordered the Ultimate Head to Toe Collection, and I am absolutely loving the products.  From the shampoo and conditioner, to the facial cleanser, rose water, day and night creams, signature blended essential oils, to the eyeliner, shadow, lip sheers, and – yes – the SUNSCREEN 🙂 –  I’m one happy mama.

The brand is called Beautycounter, and since I’m a raving loyal consumer now and I have a passion for clean beauty, I decided to join the Beautycounter team as a consultant so I can not only get the products for myself, but help to get these products to my friends, family, and every woman who doesn’t want to have to sacrifice health for beauty.


I’ve been approached by so many “multi-level marketing” companies to join their teams for the “amazing opportunities” and to experience the joy of having my own business.

I already have my own business, and the truth is, I’ve always been a little skeptical about the MLM model.

I didn’t join Beautycounter for the “opportunity” – (although I’m not sticking my nose up at it either 😉

My coaching and speaking career is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, and I’m not shifting gears to a whole new business.

But I am sharing Beautycounter because I am passionate.

Because I have finally found a cosmetics company that is devoted to progress, truth, safety and health.

Beauty counter with Stacy Boegem

They have a bold vision, and I’m fired up about it.

While the E.U. has banned close to 1,400 ingredients in cosmetics, the U.S. has banned or restricted only 11.  Not kidding.

Beautycounter has built a list of 1,500 they will never use in any of their products.

To check out the collection, click here.

And if you’re passionate like I am about sharing this from the rooftops, click here to set up a time for us to have a phone chat and connect.  You could be a great addition to my team.

To clean, safe, and sophisticated beauty,

Stacy xx

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  • Tessa says:

    Stacy–it means so much to me that you embraced the company and products. I know you don’t lend your name to just anything! Looking forward to working with you to spread the word of safer cosmetics!

    • Stacy says:

      It was a no-brainer Tessa. I’ve literally been looking for a line like Beautycounter for the last 4 years. The problem was it just didn’t exist! I am so grateful you introduced me to it; it’s so nice to use beautiful products that are beautifully made – and clean. LOVE LOVE it. xx

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